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| Viagra® In The News |
*Viagra® gives men more Physical Love?*

It has been studied that drugs like Viagra® boost levels of a hormone with feelings of love. A team from the University of Wisconsin report that it has elevated levels of oxytocin in rats.

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| Cialis® In The News |

*Cialis® One a Day is Coming!*

Lilly Icos®, which markets Cialis® in the United States, is working on a daily dose aimed at allowing individuals more freedom. Studies have shown that men taking Cialis® once a day are no longer impotent. Currently only the 36-hour Cialis® is available in the United States. It may prove that Cialis® has cardiovascular benefits, because the enzyme it uses is found in blood vessels all over the body. They are now studying Cialis® for blood pressure treatment.

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| Levitra® In The News |
*All-natural sex pills pose hidden dangers*

Many pills sold on the Internet as safe herbal alternatives to Levitra® or Viagra® pose a danger. Many of these “alternatives” do not warn men who take nitrates (drugs prescribed to lower blood pressure) of the dangers associated with these two medications. Mixing these types of medication may lead to a heart attack.

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| Propecia® In The News |

*Propecia® May Help Women Too*

A year long study has shown that around 62% of the women showed improvement in their condition. Further studies are on the way.

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